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In this study we investigate the effect of atorvastatin. We talk about the issues that at first glance, are matters of science and have no relation. But a closer look it becomes clear that we are talking not so much about science, but about the spiritual problems that negatively affect the society in which we live, which means that these problems must be in sight of believers.

Every year, about twenty billion dollars invested in advertising that compulsively enlightens us about the dangers of cholesterol. Commercials popular talk about how cholesterol is deposited on the walls of the coronary vessels, which ultimately leads to the development of myocardial infarction.

Then show a little frightened audience pill Lipitor on background shining individuals who already sits on this pill. An aggressive advertising campaign bears fruit: about twenty million Americans take these pills, thereby bringing fabulous profit pharmaceutical industry.

Think for yourself: one such tablet costs on average one and a half dollar, and, according to the official medicine, it must be taken every day for life. But is such a miraculous pill Lipitor, read more here.

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As you can see, the official data appearing in spavochnikah greatly understated because only include those cases where the drug creates a real threat to life. Since Atorvastatin is sitting, recall twenty million Americans, it is easy to calculate that under the innocuous one percent of hiding two hundred thousand people. Maybe two hundred thousand figure seems someone unrealistically large. But when you consider that according to the official, but data in the United States die each year before the one hundred and forty thousand people from the adverse effects of medicines they have taken, then the assertion that the pill Lipitor, sooner or later kill two hundred thousand people, takes on real meaning. Thus, Lipitor lowers blood cholesterol, but whether it prolongs the life thus? Yes, and whether cholesterol is dangerous? Is it worth to reduce its content in the blood to go to such suffering? Here are the facts: many people with cholesterol - a healthy heart, while the victims of myocardial infarction there are many who have cholesterol levels - normal. In other words, there is no connection between cholesterol levels and the risk of cardio-vascular system. This was known to many doctors, they write about it honestly, but their work, unlike hysteria, do not reach the general customer.

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It is written very lucidly and competently. I think many will be interested to read and identify for themselves something useful. The article raised questions about human health, and that, I think the most important thing.
Peter -
It is sensible and relevant atorvastatin not only for the United States. The sale of drugs, which was not a matter of not medical, and factor in the economy, complicit doctors, government, teachers, scientists, etc.
Angela -
It has long been noted with surprise that the production and sale of various, medicines, cosmetics, food additives, the main product of the developed economies. People pay a good price.
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